Thursday, September 20, 2007

What? A New Post?

Yes! That's right! I am finally writing on my blog. This one is for you Heather! My life has been incredibly busy the last month. Since school has started I have been trying to find a routine. I think I found it. I' m done teaching at 11:30 then it's of to pick Haley up from daycare. From there we go home and she takes a nap while I do some things around the house. A lot of times I do school stuff since I don't get a prep time during the time that I am there. Then when she wakes up we hang out and play or run errands. Sounds boring, but I love it! I am really enjoying teaching half time this year. The other teacher that shares my class is doing a fantastic job and we work well together. I think that it is a good match. Too bad this is only for one year. It has been a good way to ease back into work and juggle motherhood as well.

I will update more later but thought I would start with this!