Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Long Sweet Summer

That's right! It's time to say goodbye to summer and hello to new beginnings for a new school year. This has been a good summer, one that has been different than any other summer. As I look back and think about these last two and a half months, I am reminded why I enjoy summer so much. I love the warm weather with sunshine and days laying in the sun not having a care in the world. For me, summer brings on a new freedom and a different pace of life. I throughly enjoy having my summer's off to be available to do whatever. No schedule or routine. Well, I guess routine is something that needs to happen with a child in your midst. But, I don't have to be up and getting ready at 5:30 in the morning, rushing to get bottles made, a baby to take to the daycare, and in my classroom getting ready for the day at 7:30. I love the downtime!

As I said earlier, this summer was different because Haley was with me everyday. There were times that I was longing for adult conversation throughout the day but I enjoyed every minute that I had with her. As I am typing this my eyes are filling with water as I am thinking that I will be leaving her every morning but then I remember that I will be with her every afternoon this school year. I will only be teaching half time this school year! YEAH!!

Here are some of my highlights of the summer in no particular order:
1. Being with Haley and watching her change pretty much daily or weekly. I feel blessed to have the time to be with her.

2. Being at the lake or the pool getting some rays(sun) and being lazy.

3. Time that Jason and I had on our little getaway. This time was special and important for me as I spend time with my best friend just connecting with each other. I love him!

4. Spending time with friends and family.

5. This one was difficult but a huge learning curve for me. Being a single mom for 12 days while Jason was in Mexico. That part was hard but I learned so much from this. Read here about my expereince.

6. Junior High Camp was fun and definaltely exciting to see where God takes the junior high this school year.

These are just a few as there are many more. 'Till next summer!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Restful Weekend

This weekend Jason and I took a couple of days and got away. It was so nice to have time to do things just the two of us. My parents came Friday night and stayed until today to watch Haley. Friday Jason and I checked into the hotel and relaxed and watched a movie. Saturday we woke up later than normal. WOW! Sleeping in was nice! Then we ventured up to St. Joe, Michigan to spend some time at Silver Beach. We had never been there. It is a nice, quaint town to visit. The beach is nice and the downtown is nice to walk around. We came back to eat dinner and watch another movie. Today we slept in again and then went to see "The Bourne Ultimatum." Very good movie. I usually don't like movies like this but seeing the first two in the last three days, I thought that seeing the third movie was a must. I'm glad that we went to see it.
It was a great relaxing weekend and time with my awesome husband! We need to do that again soon. Thanks Jason for our time together!