Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In The Words of Derry Prenkert "It Just Got Personal"

God has laid a huge burden on Jason and my heart for a certain group of women and their children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC) in Africa. The women have been raped and left to fend for themselves and their children. Their families and husbands have left them because in their mind they are “dirty.” Our friends Derry Prenkert and Caleb (Biz) Bizlow recently were in the DRC and personally met these women. One woman is 6 months pregnant as a result of the rape she encountered. Derry and Biz hearts broke for these women as they talked with them and heard their stories. When Jason and I heard this story our hearts broke too. We knew that we could not just sit back and watch. Something needed to be done.

Biz posted this on his blog a couple of days ago. This was our confirmation that God was calling us to take the lead on this project. Jason has posted a lot of information on his blog, including a video of these women. Click here to read more.

We are thinking of creative ways to get the funds for these women. I have come up with one that I hope some of you will take apart in. I am an Uppercase Living Demonstrator. Not sure what that is, click here. I have decided to take every bit of commission that I make on open houses, your personal orders and put toward this project. So, I am asking people to help me out with this. What does this mean? Well, you could do a book party, an open house at your home (it would take an hour or 2 out of you day), or just order individually. By purchasing a sticker for yourself or someone else, this would be an awesome way to remember that you helped these women and children have a roof over their heads.

So, are you up for the challenge? Think about it but most of all, PRAY about it. Please contact me at to schedule an Uppercase Living open house or order a sticker(s).  You can make a difference!

Thanks so much!

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