Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Blessing

Yesterday, Haley and I were taking Irish to the bathroom and we saw this beautiful, yellow butterfly in our backyard.  We both looked at each other, smiled, and said, "Thank you Jesus!"  I had to get a picture.  I was so thankful that I had my phone with me!

For those that don't know the significance of the butterfly, to us, it's a big deal.  Last summer when we lost Aleigha, we took Haley to get a "Lilly" (Haley's lamb blanket) for Aleigha.  We found a purple one with a butterfly on it.  We said that everytime we saw a butterfly, we could think of Aleigha. 

Two days after the memorial service Haley, my mother-in-law, and myself went to a petting zoo.  This was something to get our mind on something else and fun for Haley.  As we were leaving, a yellow butterfly followed us from the back of the petting zoo to the parking lot.  We knew this was a gift from God!  It was AWESOME! 

I wanted to plant something at our house that would attract butterflies, so I found out that this flower does.  It was just one flower last summer and now it has multiplied.  I have seen other butterflies on this but NEVER a yellow one.  With it being only 8 days til we reach the one year anniversary of Aleigha's short time with us, this was a blessing that I needed this week!


Kristin said...

Is that butterfly REAL? It's huge! And what a sweet blessing. God knows just what we need right when we need it.

Rachael Thompson said...

It is real...and yes, it was HUGE!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture and a special moment!
That is such a neat way to teach a little one about God's love and promises in a real way.